About Us

Where does FatBotter's success come from?

Every great idea is born from a need and a problem. This is exactly how FatBotter's story began. Our founder has gained some experience in the digital world by deepening in areas such as website development, SEO and content production since 2009. Our experience and knowledge gained over the years have led us to develop web-based automations and accelerate processes through software. Using PHP and JavaScript, as of 2020, we have developed software that automates time-consuming tasks and automatically generates content for Wordpress sites. However, the real turning point occurred in December 2022.

With the popularization of ChatGPT, we immediately realized the potential of this innovative technology. Thanks to ChatGPT API integrations, excellent progress has been made in our work by adding the ability to produce rich and quality content to our automation systems. This innovation also revealed the needs of professionals like us who are trying to keep up with the dynamics of the digital world.

At this point, FatBotter was born, with a vision that aims to fill the gap in the market. Our goal was to enable businesses and individual users to work more efficiently and effectively by automating digital content creation processes. In a short time, we developed an MVP product and launched this innovative service, and FatBotter V1 attracted great attention.

FatBotter redefines web development and content production processes by combining technology and creativity. We not only save our users time, but also offer them quality content that will give them a competitive advantage in the market. In order to keep up with the pace of the digital world and stand out, FatBotter will continue to offer you innovative solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to shape the future of content production in the digital world, expand the boundaries of creativity and meet all kinds of content needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our users in the process of producing creative and insightful content and provide them with a tool that leads them to success, while also supporting the growth of creators and businesses, providing a competitive advantage and strengthening their online presence.

Our Values

Customer Focus: Understanding our customers needs and providing them with the best service is our top priority.

Creativity and Innovation: Continuously developing new and innovative solutions and creating an environment where creativity is encouraged are among our core values.

Quality and Reliability: We keep our quality standards high and are committed to providing a reliable service to our customers.

Training and Information Sharing: We aim to share and learn information and add value to both our customers and our team.

Social Responsibility: Our awareness of responsibility towards our society and environment is an integral part of our business.

Sustainability: We promote sustainability and maintain our environmental awareness both in our business and in our society.

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